SC Listings
"Your Home Your Choice Your Way"


“Your Home, Your Choice, Your Way”

3 Plans Based On Sale Price


6% commission Below $249,999


$249,999 x 6% = ~$14,999

5% commission on $250,000 - $399,999

$399,999 x 6% = ~$23,999

$399,999 x 5% = ~$19,999

Potential Savings of ~$4,000

4.5% commission on $400,000 and up

$400,000 x 6% = $24,000

$400,000 x 4.5% = $18,000

Potential Savings of ~$6,000

No matter what the commission rate is (based on the sale price of the home), we will always offer the same high quality service to the seller. The following is an explanation of services included and a list of some steps taken when listings are presented by SC Listings representatives.

The first step is to have a initial consultation where the sales agent explains agency relationships in real estate and have the seller sign the Agency Disclosure Brochure as per South Carolina Real Estate Law, discuss current and future needs, walk through of the subject property, create a realistic action plan to sell and complete the Agency Agreement.

Collect all necessary information about the listing, create a comprehensive CMA (competitive market analysis) and have the owner of the property complete a SOUTH CAROLINA RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY CONDITION DISCLOSURE STATEMENT.

Signage and/or pamphlets/brochure box(s) where permitted will be delivered and installed.

Prepare a 360° virtual tour, 3D floor plan, HDR photos and a video slide show of the property through our in house real estate media division “Listing Assist” find out more here

Once the property has been photographed, the listing will be advertised across all major listing services including, MLS (multiple listing Service),, Zillow, Trulia, other social media applications and websites.

When required, brochures, pamphlets and other additional digital/print media will be developed to further promote and boost the visibility of the listing.

Open houses to be scheduled with the seller on a as needed basis.

Let’s get started and get your home “SOLD”

Contact our office to speak to a representative for additional information.